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YouTube Training


Using video can can drive traffic to your website and it can be faster to rank a video than your leased site. We will show you an easy way to create videos and then how to use YouTube effectively,

Animoto Videos

A simple way to create an introductory video for your leased site is to use a program called Animoto.  The base program is free and very user friendly.

YouTube Video Setup

Video is important to the ranking of your leased sites. However, you don’t need a professional photographer to create videos. We show you how to create a video using free software. You can also use Fiverr to create short videos for the home page of your leased sites.

In this section we also cover setting up your YouTube channel, uploading and optimizing your video and then a unique concept for driving traffic to your video.

YouTube Ranking

Here are some handy tricks for getting a YouTube video to rank.

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