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I am not seeing keywords or description when I do a view source.

There are some sites that hide this information from view or the webmaster may not have added this to the site. Just try another competitor site to see what is the most popular keywords for your niche.

Why do I need to purchase domain names under different accounts?

This isn’t mandatory but it helps to leave what is called a smaller footprint for Google to follow. If Google sees that all the domains are registered to one person they get suspicious. The only way they will see this is if they manually review the sites. It is like be audited by the IRS – probably won’t happen but better safe than sorry.  You want your leased sites to look natural and like a real business. You accomplish this by creating a domain account and adding the NAP information for the category. You could put a few domains under one account such as HVAC and plumbing.  But I would keep it to a maximum of three per account. We use for all of our domain names. You can use this, GoDaddy, NameCheap,com or any other domain hosting site.

I am a BIF owner, and I would like to know what changes need to be made in our approach in the course now that Google has replaced the 7-pack with the new 3-pack or “snack pack.”

Many of you have asked about the address on GMB for leased sites.

You need to use an address inside of the city you are trying to rank. This could be your office, a virtual office or the office of someone you know, like your accountant. You will hide the address on Google and Bing. The same address needs to be used on your Citations but in many cases you cannot hide the address. Other than the verification post cards,you will receive very little mail at this address.

Keep in mind that home services are businesses that go to the customer, the customer does not come to the business. The address does not matter for the leased site. Google allows multiple businesses at the same address, however, the name of the business and the phone number needs to be different for each listing.

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